Pblic Ghost Hunt of HISTORIC PALMYRA

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Experience the late night life at the Wm. Phelps General Store and home as well as the 23 room Palmyra Historical Museum for the other side of history.   Those unspoken and unseen, yet always very apparent in every room, will thrill you with a sudden whisper, foot step, or touch.  

Admission gets you full access to the Museum along with a guided tour and full historical account of the amazing and sometimes tragic events of the location; a fully-immersive Paranormal Investigation of Historic Palmyra with access to the RCPP equipment to use; a site to post photos and evidence after the Investigation from all the participants.

The site is the current home of the Historic Palmyra Museum which consists of the Historical Museum, the Alling Coverlet, the Phelps General Store, the Print Shop, and the Canal Depot.  The Historical Museum was moved to the site in 1976 left vacant by one of Palmyra's most tragic events.

On December 20, 1964 there was fire at 123 Market Street....just a few doors down from the Phelps General Store.  The fire claimed the lives of a mother, Anna Breeden and her 6 young children (Eddie, Dennis, Sharon, Susan, Mitchell, and Samuel).  Many believe the husband, Paul Breeden, who was said to be out of town when the blaze started, was responsible for fire but no proof ever surfaced.

 Join the RCPP Team for a fully-immersive 5 –hour Investigation. 

Thank you for allowing RCPP to be your guides for a truly Paranormal evening.